My Life Since Becoming A Beachbody Coach!

So you all have heard my story but let me tell you the changes since I have joined our Health and Weightloss Support group on Facebook and Beachbody in February!  In February I gained 15 pounds back from what I had lost in 2013 because I stopped pushing play and thought the 10 to 15 min workouts I found on YouTube would help! Not so much! My heaviest weight was 230lbs in 2012!

So in February 2014 I joined Beachbody and a group of coaches started a Health and Weightloss Support group (on I then started T25 in March and lost the 15 pounds plus inches I had gained over the holidays! Shakeology is a huge factor in this program it helps with everything!  I love it! I am now doing t25/insanity hybrid along with T25 Beta and then I will be doing Gamma and 21 day fix! I am not crazy I just love seeing how far I have came from April 2013 to now!

I get up everyday and push play because I know someone is trying to talk themselves out of pushing play, and if they see me do it then maybe it will motivate them! If I can help just one person push play and get healthier then it makes it all worth it! I love everyone in our groups and Team DreamFitness! I would never be able to do this without any of them! 

Below are some pictures I like to take after I workout! I love making them into collages and adding motivational quotes. I feel like they will stick in tour mind and help you push harder then a regular picture! Feel free to contact me about anything and also feel free to join our group on Facebook!







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