Shaun T’s Extra Cardio Workout Challenge!


I was taking a rest day and then realized I hadn’t did the Extra Cardio Challenge this week! So why not do all 6 days? This was an awesome workout! If you need the videos go to Shaun T’s page:

Shaun T’s Extra Cardio Workout Challenge!
*Workout: (each exercise 1 min each)=total 5 min total!
1. Switch kicks
2. Mountain climbers
3. Sprint in place
4. Suicide jumps (burpees)
5. Floor sprints
1. 1-2-3 Heisman
2. Alternating plyo lunges
3. Stance Jacks
4. Wide in&out abs
5. Plank punches
1. Hop Hop Squat (T25)
2. Moving Jabs (T25)
3. Soccer Juggle (ASYLUM)
4. Down Back up Front Kick (T25 Speed 3.0)
5. Shoulder Taps (ASYLUM)
1. Mummy Kicks (insanity)
2. Rotational Jumps (insanity)
3. 4 high hooks 4 low hooks 4 Tuck jumps (Insanity)
4. T Kicks (Insanity)
5. Plank walks (Asylum, T25)
1. High Low Jab Jump Squats (INSANITY)
2. Power Jumps (Insanity)
3. Low Cross Jacks-Fast (T-25)
4. X-Jumps (Asylum)
5. Flutter Kicks (PROBABLY ALL OF MY DVD’s HAHA)
*Bonus Workout: (each exercise 1 min each)=total 10 min total!
1. Mountain Climber
2. Power squats
3. Floor sprints
4. Scissor Runs
5. Push ups
6. Wide in-out abs
7. Mummy kicks
8. Moving Jabs
9. Tuck Jumps
10. Stance jacks
*Make sure to do a 3-5 minute stretch cool down after each set!

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