My 3 Day Refresh

  I already eat clean and healthy, but I had noticed that I was starting some if the old habits again.  For example, when my 3 year old wouldn’t finish his meal I would eat the rest of his, or I was drinking a ton of coffee with cream, eating sweets, and getting small 2nds. These are some of the bad habits that caused me to be over weight before. I hit a plateau in my weight loss and was fluctuating between 5-10 pounds a week! I was bloated and my pants were feeling tight! So I needed something quick to clean up my bad habits and blast through the weight loss plateau! So I started the 3 Day Refresh on Tuesday September 9th.

The first day I was nervous I would feel hungry and wouldn’t be able to do it! But I honestly was full all day and I felt smaller from the start! I ate the same thing everyday, just so I didn’t mess anything up. Below is what I ate everyday!


Day 2 wasn’t so bad until my boss brought in carrot cake cupcakes for someone’s birthday, but I drank my water and Green tea and was okay.

Day 3 was the hardest because I knew it was the last day and I was so close to being done! Also my husband and the boys ordered pizza! So I followed my meal plan and was feeling Amazing but a little weak! I added a little extra PB with my fruit because I was feeling week! I had to force myself to eat my afternoon snack because I wasn’t hungry and then at dinner I could only drink my last Vanilla Fresh. I tried to eat the salad but I was too full!

The whole experience was great and I would definitely recommend this to anyone that needs a clean break, flush out your system, get over a weight loss plateau, or is even feeling bloated! It is not hard to follow and honestly you are never hungry. If you can relate to any of the above, then we need to talk!



If you would like for me to help you Jump Start your Fitness journey click the link below or contact me!



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