Bio: Hello! My name is Cheryl Spears! I am a mother to 2 boys and I am married to my best friend. I wanted to tell you why I started my weight loss journey. It was because in April of 2013 I had a Dream of being able to stop wearing maternity clothes! My youngest was getting ready to turn 2 and I could not use the excuse of just having a 9 pound baby anymore! My husband seen the infomercials about Insanity and I told him he was insane, there was no way that I could do that! April of 2013 I was asked by a very nice older lady when my due date was! I told her I was sorry to say but I was just fat! I went home and started Insanity the next day! I will not tell you it was not easy! Because for the first month I was so sore and my knees and ankles killed me, but I never stopped! In the first month I lost about 30 pounds and I felt great! I have continued to struggle and I do have cravings. I know that if I would eat better then I would be ripped right now because I have completed Insanity 4 times and I am doing T25 now! The reason I finally decided to join Beachbody as a coach so I can help people that were just like me in April of 2013. I want them to know that they do not have to stay unhappy with their body or even unhealthy. Loosing weight is possible I am living proof! The key is Motivation, Moderation, and Faith! Keep those 3 things in mind and you will reach your goal! I am always here for you now matter what! Dreams do come true I am living mine right now!

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